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Hello Doug, I want you to know that I am absolutely delighted with the antler-handle hiking stick and walking stick that my wife, Lynda, bought me for Christmas. The hiking stick, particularly, is a work of art. Interestingly, I've been following you for a while on Facebook and have been following the making of the hiking stick. It is something I will treasure - a beautifully made, unique object made by an ingenious craftsman.. Thank you again!
I've got them Doug, thank you. That's some parcelling to be proud of! I am thrilled with them, they are perfect. Once Christmas is over I will put a posting on your Facebook site. Have a merry Christmas. Best wishes
Hi Doug, The stick has been a great success and much admired.

I have been watching the ShireSticks FB page ever since it started. I have admired the various sticks that Doug makes and always dreamt 'one day !' That day finally arrived on Wednesday when I purchased a ShireSticks thumbstick made from 100 year old mahoganny with Ebony inlay on a Hazel Shank. It arrived today and I marvel at the quality and workmanship that has gone into its making. You can almost feel the loving care and craftsmanship. If you are thinking of buying a handcrafted, individual stick, look no further and take the plunge and buy. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Got the stick Doug.I am very pleased with it and will be trying it out tomorrow

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