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FAQ + Your stick length 

  •    What type of stick is best?
    Though any stick can be used in any situation, a lot really depends on what you will using it for. For stability ,a walking stick is preferable with a rubber ferrule on the bottom for grip. For Short walks,taking the dog out etc, you may consider a hiking stick or thumbstick. For Beating consider a thick Blackthorn stick as it will need to be strong For Farmers/Agricultural workers , a crook ,market stick is preferable. For serious walkers, a Buffalo/Rams horn hiking/thumb stick is ideal as these are very comfortable in the hand when used over a long period.
  • What is the correct length for a walking stick?
    To measure the height of any walking stick, the base of the stick should be placed approximately 15cm from the outside of the foot and the handle height should be set at the wrist crease height. The elbow should be bent slightly (generally between 15 and 30 degrees) when holding the stick and standing upright. For someone around 5'10 - 6' Standard length for any gent's walking stick is 36" For someone around 5'5" - 5'8 Standard length for any lady's walking stick is 34" ​ ​ For Thumbstick, Crook, Hiking Stick, and any long stick . With your arms at your side, the stick should be about 6 or 8 inches taller than your elbow. Pick a longer stick if you'll be tackling steep terrain. If you're just planning on walking with your stick, a shorter one will do. ​
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